You don't have to guess if your current doctor is in the Aetna network. You can find out right now with our online search tool.

Just click on the links below to find doctors or dentists in your area. Please note, you will need to "Continue as a guest" on the right side of the provider directory home page.

You can also save with network hospitals and labs

The Aetna network doesn't just include doctors and dentists. You'll also save when you use network labs, hospitals, urgent care centers and more.

  • Just like with your choice of doctor, when you stay in the network for lab services and facilities like urgent care centers, you save.
  • Your medical plan pays a larger share of the cost when you use network labs and facilities.
  • Network labs and facilities have agreed to charge a reduced rate, so your share will usually be less.
  • Non-emergency care may not be covered at all if you use an out-of-network hospital emergency room.
  • We prescreen our network providers, so you can be sure you're getting quality services at maximum savings.